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Arc'teryx Climbing Academy 2017 - Are you hyped yet?

The countdown has started; in 2 days, I will be headed to Squamish (Canada's outdoor recreation capital, ya'll) to photograph the 2017 Arc'teryx Climbing Academy. Get ready for a solid 3 days of climbing, shooting and numerous instagram stories - which you should watch, as they are filled with quality content and not (WARNING HOT TAKE INCOMING) a useless feature in a bug-riddled app.

Lucas looking apprehensive as he is about to test the strength of a bolt on Lubo, 5.11. 

I have spent the last few weeks preparing for shooting on ropes the whole weekend, and honing my .11 skills. I will be hanging out (literally) in Squamish all weekend, with a stellar series of events to keep me entertained.

If you plan on attending the Academy, make sure to DM me at @alpinephoto on instagram, of via email at Let's meet up and make some cool photos!

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