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5 things to do while your lenses are away

I recently suffered some pretty serious water damage to a lens (my favorite one, too: Canon's 11-24 monster). I would've been terrible, but, not being a risk-taker (hah), I had mad insurance on it. It's away being repaired, and the withdrawal is real. To help myself cope with the temporary loss of my sharp glass baby, and to help you when the time comes, I decided to list the 5 things I've been doing while waiting for elevensies to come back. Prepare yourself: this is my first listicle.

Also to those of you that are thinking "why don't you just go rent a lens": no.

1. Going through my editing backlog

The dreaded black screen on Lightroom... think White Page Syndrome, but at the other end of the color spectrum

The dreaded black screen on Lightroom... think White Page Syndrome, but at the other end of the color spectrum

A clean desktop is the mark of a sick mind; I read that on an educational poster once.

My workflow being refined and precise, I never overshoot nor let projects sitting there, waiting to be addressed. 

But when I do, I use this downtime to get around to it. Pro tip: use the skills you've gained since you shot and edited those photos and re-edit some oldies. I hope you back up your DNGs.

2. Practicing phone photography

My phone camera is actually quite good; every time I use it, I marvel at it's tiny dynamic range, blotchy colors and low resolution and think "wow I should use this more often, it's so convenient"

An example of what a phone can do when the light is juuuuust right and the firmware cooperates

This heresy ends whenever I get my lens back, of course.

3. Becoming an expert at disco dancing

So far, I've downloaded an ABBA playlist on my phone. Not bad.

I also am able to tap my foot along with the beat, and drum my fingers on the roof of my jeep when I listen to it in the car. Watch out, Ringo.

4. Planning adventures

I've written about how much I enjoy my Back Roads Map Books before. It turns out, being starved for adventures and having a pile of books handy is a good combination.

So far I have planned these four outings. Want to join in on one of them? Slide into my DMs.

1. Dirt-roading and star photography in the North Cascades

2. Roughing it at Artist Point

3. Excursion up the Squamish Valley FSR and star photography (lots of star photography)

4.  Overnighter at Watersprite Lake


5. Consider going on adventures

Without my precious? No way.